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áHi,áI amáPam Corbett, the school counselor for grades K-5.á I'm available to help your child improve academic performance by addressing any barriers to school success.á If there are any issues getting in the way of your child's learning, contact me and together we will make a positive difference.á I can be reached at 564-1000 or by email:áápcorbett@acpsd.net
K-Kids for 2015-16
Jolene Gunter
Joe Rouse
Braley Wallace
Paisley Hammonds
Miracle Pough
Paige Strang
Tate Shackleford
Kelsey Morrisey
Will Jackson
Natalie Boles
Hailey Ingram
Ayanna Seawright
Josiah Williamson
Kaley Garvin
Randall Ingram
Gabe Smith

First Meeting for 2015-16
The first meeting for K-Kids will be on Thursday, October 15, 2015, at 2:00 This will be the organizational meeting to elect officers.
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